Building values-led cultures

Organisational values, or corporate values, describe how people work together, how they behave towards each other, and how they make decisions at work. Research shows that teams with positive cultures are higher performing, more productive and happier.

Having a consistent set of Values and Behaviours is critical to organisational success but only is employees feel supported to do the right thing. Managing Values provides consulting services in Values clarification, Values codification or refreshing your Values. The more inclusive the process is the more employees live the Values. Values promote a shared understanding among employees, provide consistency, order and structure to culture that emerges and provide guidance to employees when faced with ambiguity or crisis.

We facilitate employee values alignment by promoting greater clarity around the purpose of values and codes and the benefits they deliver.

Developing Values

Consultation is the key to successful Values’ creation or refreshing. To create, codify or refresh your organisational Values and Behaviours, it is critical that you bring your people with you. Co-creating Values is the secret of creating an inclusive culture. We facilitate the process by organising and running Values workshops to draft and then codify your Values Statement.

Values Training & Workshops


Understanding Culture

Organisational cultures change over time. This can be as a result of leadership changes, market or context changes, or personnel changes. Many change because of changes to size, either rapid growth or contraction. To continue to be successful, organisations need to know where they are now. A ‘pulse check’ is as vital to an organisation as it is to an individual.


Cultural Audits

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