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Aligning values in the workplace

The core focus is on helping leaders identify, codify and manage values that will help employees personally thrive and go forward to achieve important mission goals for the business.

The four key factors employees seek, but are all too often missing in contemporary workplaces are crucial to creating a positive workplace culture, we need to understand that:

  • People want to continue to grow
  • People want to be dealt with honestly
  • People want to feel included in the organisation
  • People want to be respected as individuals.

Management by values renews employee commitment and enhances employee morale, as control gives way to a more flexible and trusting environment. Our work has demonstrated successful organisations in the values area are successful because they:

  • Nurture a clear purpose and set of values that employees can embrace
  • Measure employees’ actions against stated values
  • Define key relationships inside the organisation and between the organisation and its stakeholders
  • Promote a shared vision for success.

Refreshing mission goals and energising staff to become advocates

We engage employees and stakeholders in values driven initiatives to build an organisational context where people can do their best work and the mission is enhanced. Our focus here is on organisational cultural renewal and employee engagement.

Working directly with Not-for-Profit boards and executive teams; of hospitals, emergency service organisations, aged care facilities, community service organisations, social change agencies, and ethical investment houses, we help align purpose with action. We bring current best practices to the table and collaborate with management in designing authentic value driven initiatives, that deliver greater clarity for all stakeholders.

In the Not-for-Profit sector we have also worked alongside National and Interstate faith based enterprises, to engage employees in maintaining a values based workplace culture.

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