Business Ethics in Private Sector

Business ethics

We assist clients to minimise their risk from corrupt business practices and ethical risks such as bullying in the workplace. Our business ethics initiatives deliver greater clarity around personal accountability to codes of conduct, values statements and associated governance protocols such as fraud policies. All learning programs are designed to engage and energise participants rather than present a rigid set of rules.

Our approach ensures that

  • Employees grasp how their corporate code of conduct protects ethical standards and integrity for everyone
  • Managers know how to improve business performance and manage non-financial risks
  • Everyone shares an understanding of how to respond to challenging issues of ethical concern
  • Our work is informed by the latest industry research from the field of applied ethical systems.

Our learning programs are designed to speak to the hearts and minds of the participants, a proven strategy to long-term adoption and sustainability, rather than present a set of ridged rules and are simply beneficial to your unique business requirements.

We deliver

Employee engagement enables greater acceptance of personal accountability and encourages a greater sense of personal control. Ultimately delivering happier, more productive employees in the workplace.

Our popular Ethical Leadership workshops differentiate between leadership and ethical leadership, identifying how to be a principled role model of ethical standards and to manage the existing tensions between “how” business is achieved when there are stretch targets in place for success. Developing an ethical infrastructure enables leaders to build and nurture ethical, high performance teams in a workplace culture that people want to stay at for many years. The commercial, cultural and economical knock on effect for your company is priceless.

Business ethics and cultural change

Our large scale business ethics initiatives facilitate workplace cultural change. They enhance awareness and understanding of the ethical issues that play out in modern workplace practices. In so doing, they promote employee personal accountability. Our programs assess ethical risks and assist leaders to respond to these in effective ways to safeguard integrity and protect reputation. Typically, we design leader led initiatives to ensure key people managers become active champions of the ethical standards being promoted. We also facilitate large scale learning programs.

  • Ethical leadership modules, present leaders with the latest research on how to manage a workplace culture to minimise ethical risk and corruption
  • Conflicts of interest training programs, skill employees to respond to the complexities of the modern business world while safeguarding the integrity of the organisation
  • Ethical bench marking programs equip leaders to benchmark a department against a department or a state against state and one country operation against another country’s operations. By providing internal benchmarks, leaders learn from best practices within their own enterprises
  • Ethical scenarios and dilemmas specific to your industry, are written in part from real life experiences for authenticity, and in conjunction with your leaders to ensure all content is relevant to each unique workplace context
  • Values codification programs are designed to assist organisations review their existing Values Statements to maximise employee engagement and improve performance.

We have designed and facilitated large scale programs on behalf of major retail banks and multinational corporations including mining, insurance and construction companies both in Australia and in Asia.

We have worked alongside the public sector at local, state and Australian national government level.

Public advocacy of business ethics

Our expertise in the field of business ethics sees us regularly participating as keynote speakers at conferences and as contributors to ongoing professional development programs. We most definitely practice what we teach!

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