Ethics at Work

There has been a significant uplift in interest in ethical conduct over recent years. All organisations aspire to improve their ethical tone as society demands higher standards of all of its institutions, be it government, business or the not-for-profit sector.

As many international studies have found, ethics pays. Ethical companies have proven that their financial success is linked to their higher standards of integrity. Employees desire to be part of a business that seeks to enhance society as well as  financial success.

The ethical tone needs to flow from the top. From boardroom to backroom. It needs to be managed, measured, encouraged and supported. Managing Values has been working with organisations in surfacing and managing the ethical tone for 25 years. Ethics are learned in the practice. Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct certainly signal the intent but behaviours shape culture on a daily basis.

Embedding Ethics

Our custom-built ethics training workshops are the perfect solution for your employees. Each workshop is developed for the individual needs of the company. Experiential in nature, we encourage workshop participants to engage with us in a mature conversation about the’ shades of grey’. We design our programs to the needs of each audience.

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Ethical Culture

Building an ethical culture requires a clear statement of ethical intent. What do we stand for? What will we accept? What will we not accept? What can people expect from us? Having a clear, simple Code of Ethics with the organisation’s Values at its core is critical to communicating to employees what is important.


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