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The success of any ethics or integrity program is the system that lies behind it. Ethics training which sits alone will not build ethical resilience. The ‘long tail’ that embeds ethics into ‘the way we do things’ relies on a sustained program and resources to support managers in consistently talking up the ethical dimension. We can assist with the development of resources and tool kits to support longer term ethics and integrity programs.

Building an ethics and integrity system ensures that:

  • all employees know what ‘the right thing’ is and how to build it into their tasks.
  • It becomes a way of thinking that becomes a way of acting.
  • Ethics training starts the process of establishing “why we do the things we do around here.”
  • To sustain the lessons learned, leaders, managers and supervisors need a longer term program and a suite of resources to assist in rolling out the ethics program.
  • “Reach and frequency” are critical to the embedding ethical thinking.


Managing Values will work with you in designing the resources that speak to your culture and context. Using the principle of co-design, we establish how the resources will fit within your ethics and integrity program and help you design and package resources. These might include:

  • Facilitators guides and managers’ tool kits
  • Ethical Dilemma and case studies based on ‘real life’ stories from within your organisation or industry
  • Online resources for intranets
  • eLearning programs
  • customised video dramas
  • Code of Ethics handbooks
  • Ethical decision making tools
  • Ladders of escalation
  • Ethics hotlines


An innovation we introduced to a number of clients is the Ethical Decision-making Wheel. A useful tool to help resolve ethical dilemmas:


Why Us

Managing Values has more than 20 years experience in resource development. Our most comprehensive program was with State Services Victoria (VPSC) where we assisted them in developing The Ethics Resource Kit comprising a dilemma bank, a facilitators Guide, a self-directed workbook, PowerPoint presentation, electronic newsletter and ‘how to’ guides such as Ladder of Escalation and Ethical Decision making models. eLearning programs and dramatised case studies have been added to the mix. Increasingly, clients have wanted to develop condensed Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics booklets and we have developed a large number of these.

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