Ethical Leadership Training From the Top

As subject matter experts we help leaders  anticipate and respond to changing regulator and social expectations and stay on top of the latest implications from the field of behaviour ethics.  Behaviour ethics research highlights the ways in which a business context  can corrupt its employees.  The continual changes in the governance standards underpinning commercial life demands constant vigilance to safeguard personal, professional and organisational reputations.  We monitor these critical trends and bring this knowledge to our ethical leadership workshops.

Our experience  and research underpins the design and facilitation of  values and ethics “master-classes” that have been successfully implemented on behalf of Defence Personnel, Regulators, Commissioners, Ombudsmen, Trustees, Judges, Hospital Administrators, Police Executives, Company Directors and CEOs.  These workshops skill leaders across these sectors in changing societal expectations,  the importance of setting the appropriate tone as dictated by best practices of leading institutions and how to shape an organisation’s emerging culture to ensure employees are aware of their ethical accountabilities.


This master class is designed for leaders in all sectors and focuses on four essential areas:

1. Defining the difference between leadership and ethical leadership

  • Exploring what ethical leadership looks like in modern workplaces and in a global context
  • Identifying how leaders can nurture ethical leadership at all levels
  • Defining the link between employee morale and ethical leadership

2. How to build and maintain a robust ethical infrastructure

  • Identifying common organisational ethical hot spots and how to respond
  • Best practices in building ethics systems
  • Measuring organisational cultural risks
  • Building employee engagement

3.  Matching leadership style with organisational context

  • Identifying your organisational cultural model and its implications for ethical tone setting
  • Identifying the leadership style that will have the greatest impact on employees’ behaviour
  • Agreeing an ethical framework appropriate to your workplace context

4.  Identifying the key ethical challenges your managers face

  • Sharing latest research on the role of organisational in shaping ethical behaviour
  • How to skill middle managers to step up to ethical leadership accountability
  • Honing ethical decision making practices

Learning outcomes

  • A deeper understanding of personal ethical leadership profiles and cultural context
  • A deeper understanding of the key ethical challenges faced by managers and how these can be managed
  • The top seven initiatives that  encourage employees to make principle based ethical decisions while at work

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